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The Israel Institute for Biological Research – IIBR – is a governmental, applied research institute specializing in the fields of biology, medicinal chemistry and environmental sciences.
Backed by five decades of experience, IIBR combines highly trained personnel with cutting-edge technologies and infra-structure to conduct applied research and development in the fields of biology, medicinal chemistry and environmental sciences, in addition to basic research studies closely related to IIBR's applied projects.
IIBR is structured for efficient multi-disciplinary project strategy. Its three scientific divisions – biology, medicinal chemistry and environmental sciences – cooperate in a synergistic relationship, enabling the formation of optimum interdisciplinary teams and technologies tailored to the needs of each individual project. IIBR is certified for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environment Management Standards.
IIBR is under the jurisdiction of the Israel Prime Minister's Office and works in close cooperation with a host of government agencies including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of the Environment.
A significant percentage of IIBR's research projects include sponsorships by international authorities and institutions such as the US Public Health Services, Center for Disease Control, US Army Medical Research and Development Command, the World Health Organization, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, National Foundation of Cancer Research and the German Ministry for Scientific Research and Technology. In addition, IIBR is regularly appointed by international and local companies to undertake R&D projects which are assigned on a contractual basis.
IIBR is located in the heart of Israel, in Ness-Ziona – some 20 kilometers south of Tel-Aviv.
The staff is comprised of approximately 370 employees, 160 of whom are scientists holding doctorates in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, analytic, organic and physical chemistry, pharmacology, mathematics, physics and environmental sciences. IIBR's technical staff consists of 170 certified technicians, representing a broad spectrum of capabilities. IIBR's modern laboratories comprise cutting-edge scientific and technical equipment and installations.
Life Science Research Israel (LSRI), a subsidiary of IIBR, is dedicated to the commercial exploitation of novel innovative technologies developed by IIBR.

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