6 Simple Ways to Boost Sales for your Restaurant











Restaurant sales are rarely constant. Seasonality and competition are the only factors which always plays a role in how many people come into a restaurant. But things are constant for restaurant owners, that it doesn’t matter what you sell regularly, it always feels like that you can boost restaurant sales by performing better.

Indeed, even the best restaurant can possibly increase sales. Before, Restaurant owners have trusted that paying for ads was the best course to expand their restaurant sales. While this still has the potential to expose your brand to the public, it’s also a costly venture that isn’t guaranteed to work.

In case you’re hoping to build your restaurant business, take a stab at putting your time and cash in these thoughts for more customized, powerful and modern approaches to expand restaurant sales.

1) Online Ordering (Website & App)

Diners have a lot of other options of where they can go out to eat. Thus, with a specific end goal to build your restaurant business, you’ll have to make it simpler for your customers to pick you over a competitor. If you offer online ordering, you clear up your phones and the lines out your door. Guests won’t be forced to wait around just to be served. This allows your kitchen and staff to complete more orders in less time. This feature also makes you more discoverable online, and people will be able to order right from their computers or smartphones. Your customers need a suited dining experience, not a complicated one. Make it simple for them by having an app and website where they can order and track their food.

 2) Social Media

Nowadays, the restaurants have the fantastic opportunity to promote their business online through Social media where it can reach out millions of people. Set up a guy/girl as Social media manager and create a page for your restaurant and in a regular basis promote your restaurant by giving offers/deals and also you can run your advertisements where you can get lot of impressions. Also you can tell your customers to take photos and to tag the restaurant page on Instagram. In this way you can increase the brand, community and restaurant sales. By commenting on your fans’ posts, sharing photographs of your food and staff, and putting out selective offers for your supporters, you make a network for your business that grows a long ways past your physical area. Online presence helps you increase the brand value and in this way, you can increase your restaurant sales.

 3) Loyalty Program

To increase restaurant sales and as per the loyalty program, in the first place focus on current customers. Loyalty program is nothing but a card given to customer when they come to a restaurant first time and told them whenever you come to our restaurant next time with the loyalty card, you will get a discount/offer on the total bill. In this way, customers will be attracted and thy will come again. According to a survey taken on 2016, 60% people of the people come again because of the loyalty card and offers as this can increase visitors and boost sales of the restaurant.

4) Set up Your Page on Google My Business

If you haven’t done that so, register your restaurant on Google My Business – now. Having a presence on Google My Business adds insurmountable credibility to your online presence. If someone is searching for you on Google, your hours, website, location, and photos will all be at the top of search results – right in one place for searchers to see. This puts any delay to rest and allows customers to discover your restaurant and place a table reservation immediately.

 5) Use POS System

Computers and cash registers can end up into a big problems. So, it is mandatory to have reliable POS system. Without a POS system and software, yours restaurants efficiency will be at risk. If you have a POS system, you will have less work to do and can streamline your activities and access each one of the information you need to know how to increase your restaurant’s sales. And also you can also keep in track of all the food stocks available and the system will show you the next date you have to restock them. In this way, POS system will help in restaurant business.

6) Create Your Menu Carefully

There are some menu items in the restaurant which keeps your sales lower. Maybe the menu item is more profitable but actually it is very expensive. You must be having stock of a dish which no one is buying. If none of the customer seems to be ordering discontinue the dish which is also a one way of profit for your business. Think of your pricing model may be you need an update? Think of pricing strategies and use analytics to update the model.