NEPTA is a professional non-profit organization dedicated to the highest standards of music education, offering members and their students opportunities for growth, stimulation, and a community of friendship and support.

For teachers we offer:

  • 3193650385: speakers on topics important to piano teachers with written summaries sent to members
  • Teachers' Exchanges: a forum for discussions with colleagues
  • Masterclasses: for members, with outstanding pedagogues
  • Teaching Materials: opportunity to study of editions, of new publications and of teaching ideas with other NEPTA members; lists of recommendations made available periodically
  • Teacher Referrals linking members with prospective piano students
  • Music Sales: greatly discounted music books available at monthly meetings
  • Recitals and Scholarships: opportunities for students of Active Members
  • Susan B. Demb Teacher Enrichment Fund: providing teacher grants and special lecture programs

For students of all ages we offer:

  • Performing experiences in recitals for junior, intermediate, senior and adult ages
  • Recitals also for repertoire of:
    • Ensembles
    • Jazz
    • 20th/21st Century
    • Students' original compositions
  • Informal area recitals
  • Workshops with master teacher
  • Grants-in-Aid
  • Competitions in performance and in composition (Information about requirements and awards is sent to members. For students to participate, teacher must have been a member since September 30th of the current school year.)

(213) 444-3404