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This is the HOME OF THE “ORIGINAL” AMERICAN MADE Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®THE first commercially available and affordable teleprompter manufactured in the USA with musicians in mind (Originally SEEN AT NAMM). Our sleek wedge TELEMONITOR design is THE” Teleprompter for Musicians to use on stage.  THE TELEMONITOR STANDARD SINCE 2009.  Our most popular model – the “Wedge – Classic” is pictured above and operates on a Microsoft Windows platform.  Our Standard TELEMONITOR model comes with everything you need to use – right out of the box – it is completely self-contained, economical, easy to set up, easy to use, and we have one ready to ship to you today.  We offer Free Standard Shipping for all our Models to anywhere in the US Contiguous 48 States – and discounted shipping to all other locations worldwide.

We also have an ANDROID Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® that comes in several different configurations.  We have Touch or NonTouch Screen versions in a portrait oriented Wedge configuration, as well as a Touch or NonTouch Screen in an very portable 9892521057 carryon size – with prices starting at $899 delivered in the contiguous 48 United States.

The TELEMONITOR Wedge (virtually stealth on stage) has a SUPER RUGGED polymer exterior finish to hold up to the rigors of the road.  Each Standard TELEMONITOR Wedge has a 22″ display screen, a 2 pedal footswitch, a wireless keyboard and WIFI.   We highly recommend the inclusion of the optional Battery Backup to the standard configuration.  Different than iPad or tablet teleprompters our screen is much larger allowing for more information to be displayed and larger font options.  A Telescoping Handle with Roller Wheels (exactly like Roll Around Luggage) and a 4 pedal footswitch are optionally available too.  The Telescoping Handle with Roller Wheels is perfect to help you get the TELEMONITOR in and out of venues quickly and with ease, and the 4 pedal footswitch allows for greater navigation through your set list.

Below is our 9083560497.  Same rugged construction and pricing as our other wedges, with the display in a landscape configuration (not presently kept in stock, will require special order and up to 6 weeks for delivery)

TELEMONITOR – Wide View Wedge

Our TELEMONITORs have always been compatible with MAC (64 Bit OS) or Windows environments – and you can get either processor inside the TELEMONITOR (Windows Standard).  The Mac Inside option is only available on some of our Wedge Models.  Now we have an ANDROID version too.

THE Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® (Autocue, Teleprompter) allows for complete “SET ORDER FLEXIBILITY” with our software configurations.  This is unique when compared to other lyric stage prompters, on-stage TelePrompTers or stage director devices you may be familiar with.  See our (605) 295-8570 for additional information.

Our TELEMONITORs are very flexible and can be set up in many different operating configurations.  They can be operated by:  the performer/singer on stage – completely self-contained; or by a different performer/crew person on or off stage – using the wireless keyboard or handheld remote; or by someone in your crew from off stage – using a remote processor setup; or with the TELEMONITOR EXTension you can incorporate a PC (or some tablet PCs) you already own to save you some money.  We will work with you to determine the best configuration for YOUR TELEMONITOR – with the goal of optimizing YOUR PERFORMANCE for the BEST PRICE.   Additionally, if you already have a software package that you are comfortable with – it will work on the TELEMONITOR too.


The WEDGE MODEL – Classic and Wide Versions

Why rent a teleprompter when you can buy our Flagship Standard Classic Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®.  We have the TELEMONITOR / Teleprompter for all musicians, actors, bands, performers and anyone else needing text assistance.   We are here for drummers, singers, pianists, guitarists, bass players or anybody in the band.  We have special options for clergy, church choirs, school orchestras and music teachers too. Call to find out more about the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®.

Ask about any SPECIALS OR B-STOCK we MAY have available when you call us.    If we have any B-Stock inventory it typically consists of refurbished, demo or prototype units that we have for sale.  Unfortunately, we do not have many of these units come available, and when we do – they go fast.  

Again thanks for stopping by and Rock On.

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