Reach learners quickly and easily through, self-paced training on demand and the freedom to access the platform from multiple devices.



Create, store and manage courses on the platform quickly and easily. Enhance collaboration by sharing your courses with other instructors, L&D professionals and managers..

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Demonstrate compliance through real-time, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, or build your own custom reports and deliver them through multiple channels.



Leverage Sofia eCommerce or packaged integrations with other platforms to sell courses worldwide to customers, vendors, and partners.

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Sofia Cloud

Learning Management System (LMS)

Sofia Learning Management System is a next generation corporate LMS, the platform enables businesses to scale, manage, and analyze their on-line training efficiently. The award-winning platform was designed to maximize on user experience. Created by JSS, Sofia LMS takes a new approach in software design. We believe that complexity is not a necessity when building a powerful platform. This is why our team of developers created a platform that is simple and easy to use, but powerful as well.

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7 Ways LMS's Help Improves Employee Training

Employee training is essential to any organization with the desire to rise above their competition. In the modern world, your rivals might have a greater edge on you if you fail to realize the importance of eLearning in business.

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7 Tips To Transform Your Traditional Training Course

Wondering how to transform a traditional training into an Engaging eLearning Experience? Check 7 tips to transform a traditional training to an Engaging eLearning Experience.


Wondering how to build Company Culture Awareness in corporate eLearning? Check 6 ways to build Company Culture Awareness in corporate eLearning.

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Sofia Cloud, Business Solution

If you are looking to enhance brand loyalty or overall profitability, Sofia LMS is the perfect start to streamline your goals. With this platform, you continue running your business effectively with little to no strain on productive time by streamlining training automation. Sofia For Corporate Training is a end-to-end external training solution, that allows you to grow revenue, build loyalty, and reduce costs by automating the business side of training customers and partners.

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Looking for case studies and reviews of Sofia? Read the latest customer reviews or submit your own review.

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We know that LMS pricing can be hard to understand. Vist our LMS pricing page to calculate the average price projections


Tailored Deployment

You may request for a tailored build if your needs are complex. Submit a your tailored build request and we will get back to you.

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