I'm going downtown.

I wasn't helpful.

He stayed at his aunt's house.

Liza did the only thing he could.

Roger is 50 years behind the times.

Dave dislikes speaking in public.

Kathleen looked after Frank while her parents were out shopping.

Let me know when you'll return home.

I love you, Laurie.

We've been working together for a long time.

What kind of woman could love a guy like Marcos?

I can tell that you want to go home.


Pierre knew that Albert was studying French.


His ideas are always practical.

We just had to deal with it.

Who is more suitable for the job than Betsy?


What're you guys doing here?

These measures can prevent the disease from spreading.

I have some paperwork to finish.

We'll go in a minute.

The truth knocked the breath out of him.

I'd like to get to know you better.

We were arranging flowers.

Some students aren't going to come back next semester.

You did this on purpose, didn't you?

I remember my mother teaching me the alphabet.

Vaughn was drinking from a water bottle.

The brandy is all gone.

This is an equestrian town! You will see horses everywhere.


Dani has excellent shorthand skills and works as a hansard reporter in parliament.

There is little hope of his success.

Stanly was running around the streets drunk and naked.


Alex rented a car at the airport and drove it to Trent's house.

Service is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, this apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

His clock is more expensive than mine.

Though asked to remain quiet, the boy blurted out the answer to the question.

Enemies of enemies aren't always allies.

Can I hang out here till seven?

He fell into the cesspool and got covered from head to toe.

Let me tell you something else I know.

They shouldn't intervene in the internal affairs of another state.

He's making a big deal out of it.

I would like you to stop personalizing disputes.

The place was empty inside.

I must remember to mail this letter.


I lived on a farm when I was a kid.

Phillip is very secretive.

I got a new tattoo last week.

We are going on a school trip to Osaka Castle tomorrow.

It is often easier to make plans than to carry them out.


I'm very happy to be back.

She ripped her dress on a branch.

Finally, he achieved his goal.

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I wouldn't want to work in a hospital.

Death must not scare us.

You will soon be convinced I am right.

A crowd of people gathered in the street.

I am winking at him, but he's not looking.


I hate people.

Now, are you going back to your room or not?

Dr Margie Jackson discovered that the drug could cause liver damage.

Seeing the woman with the yellow hat reminded me of a story.

I think this book is beyond his reach.

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I hate travelling.

She found her sister sprawled unconscious on the sidewalk.

He suddenly cut into our conversation.


He's drawing a sketch of an apple.

Tell Surya I'll see him tonight.

I'm the one who makes the decisions.

Caroline pushed her hair away from her face.

This encyclopaedia is convenient for looking up things.

You don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

You should come out with us.

Keep me updated.

That's what I like about him.

The schedule must be maintained.

You're not the only one who's been asked to help.


After his dinner break, Dan left to pick Linda up from the gym.

Ning will bring help.

This bus can carry 30 people.

I'd like you to cut my hair.

Wholemeal bread is good.

Hirofumi is polite.

The boy is afraid of the dark.

I saw them yesterday.

Check for old versions.

Kiki still believes in trickle-down economics.

His ability in English is above average.

We'd be foolish to do so.

He didn't do it on purpose.

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I used to wear glasses.


Brenda said he was just too tired to do anything else.

He loved to laugh and enjoy life.

I told you I would help.

I have only two hands.

There's been another accident.

I think we're neighbors.

I wish I could live in a house that nice.

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Music fills the infinite between two souls.

This old car breaks down all the time.

Stars can be seen at night.

You're not allowed in here.

I'm going to warn Sarah that Ravindran is looking for him.

I will accept to write the report.

Craig can't leave yet.

There used to be a big cherry tree behind my house.

The workers are complaining that their hours have been increased.


This matter must not be trifled with.


Come to pick me up if it rains tomorrow.

I'll eat almost anything, but I'm very fickle when it comes to cheese.

Tell him to stop worrying.


I've got no reason to lie to you.

Do as you're told and you and I will get along fine.

Do you eat it in the classroom?


Since you are no longer a child, you should be responsible for what you do.

Dimitry will be gone by the end of the week.

I watch television in the evening.


This is an easily controlled epidemic.

Lester might go to the game with Evelyn.

This company is under investigation by the FTC.

It's a new word for you.

Adam picked up the can of gasoline and started walking back to his car.


We're happy to be here.

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I could not make myself heard above the noise.


I know that Lynn is more handsome than I am.

May it go well for you.

That happened to my friend.

I'm going to take the dog to the vet.

He was the first man to land on the moon.

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His remarks had the opposite effect.

You may act as you wish.

They'd like that.


Do you have enough money?

I don't know when I'll be done.

I'm leaving on Monday.


Would you like me to open the door for you?

My nephew was excused on the grounds of his youth.

Yann ate bread.

In mathematics, a straight line is defined by two points.

We are not here to have fun.

She wept reading the letter.

Excuse me, what's the shortest route to the station?

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Casey wants to marry a millionaire.

All government is founded on compromise and barter.

Jerome did acknowledge that he was pretty competitive.

Juergen seems odd.

That was difficult.

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Has something else happened?


He is seeing one of his secretaries behind his wife's back.


I'm just a tourist.

Siping and Pantelis went trick-or-treating with their friends.

Women's rights groups are going after sexual harassment.


I don't carry much cash with me.

They believed in me.

"Can I use your dictionary?" "Of course. Here you go."

Women are sincere.

It's too hot for me.


I love him more than any other boy.

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Uri is outgoing, isn't he?

Can you get help for her?

For once in my life I'm doing a good deed... And it is useless.

But she was not scared.

Some new kinds of rice can be harvested two or three times a year.

Hamilton will marry Jennie off.

Many people of Slavic origin have names ending with -sky.

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A lot of wild animals died because there wasn't any food.